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Did you know Cioppino was created in San Francisco?

Immigrants from Genoa, Italy found themselves at home fishing the shores of SF. If one came back empty handed, they would ask the luckier fisherman if they could spare any of their bounty in order to feed their families (of course, promising to return the favor when the luck flip-flopped). Inevitably, "empty-hander's" came home with a medley of Crab, Fish, Shrimp, Clams & Mussels. Simmer some tomatoes, onion, white wine, garlic, and blammo...CIOPPINO!

Obviously we're all proud of this classic SF recipe, but without generosity and care for community where would Cioppino be? Even better, and especially now, where would WE be without those things? Thats why we felt Cioppino was perfect for our next meal-pickup.

Caesar Salad

Romaine, Garlic Croutons, Boquerones,

Grana Padano

Classic Cioppino

Dungeness Crab, Mussels, Clams, Shrimp, Rock Cod in an Aromatic Tomato Broth

Accompanied by Sourdough Garlic Bread

Key Lime Pot de Creme

Graham Cracker Crumb, Chantilly Cream

$50 per person

Give us a call to reserve your order by

Wednesday, January 20th

(415) 843-4545

Pickup on Friday, January 22nd

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